Mailsvar 1:

We are in receipt of your email dated November 6. 

Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi has a business with the name MA Garments. The business does not, however, purchase cotton from Omo Valley Agro Industry. It also does not have any business relationship with Omo or Amibara Business Group. We understand that you reached out to the CEO of MA Garments who shared this same information with you. 

We trust that you will accurately report these facts. We will react swiftly to any attempts to publish false statements related to Sheikh Al Amoudi and we refer to you the e-mail response (October 21st) to your last enquiry of October 20th.

Yours Sincerely

Private Office

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

Mailsvar 2:

Your email to the official website of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has been referred to this office. The allegations that you refer to in your email are false and misleading and we refute the claims absolutely. 

The statement issued on August 30th, 2012, set forth below, made our position clear regarding the wholly unwarranted and unevidenced allegations from a variety of politically motivated sources made several years ago . We will contest vigorously any defamatory or libellous statements that emerge from any “source” or from your report. 

The reports on which you appear to rely are highly questionable in this respect but we have nothing to add to our response of August 30th, 2012, which may be regarded as a general response to all such allegations by any such source.

We recommend that you make use of the News Page and Official Web Site for verified information on the activities of Saudi Star and note that we have publicly corrected some recent false claims about such basic facts as rice production levels emanating from misinformed journalists.

May we draw your attention to  which we have copied below from the official website. We will not be providing any opportunities for interview.

"Saudi Star Vigorously Denies Human Rights Watch Claims

30 August 2012

Following claims made recently by Human Rights Watch, Saudi Star wishes to make it clear that no human rights abuses took place to its knowledge on its land and that it would not countenance such abuses if they had occurred. It further denies any administrative connection between its investments and regional security measures which are undertaken wholly by and on the authority of the Ethiopian Government. It would like to remind interested parties that any government security activity must be seen in the context of a murderous attack by persons unknown on Saudi Star personnel on April 28th, 2012."