Member registry card from the German nazi party >>
Index card from the member index of the NSDAP, the German nazi party.
Source: Document Center, Bundesarchiv Berlin-Lichterfelde


Registry card from the German munitions industry authority >>
Index card from the Reichsbetriebskartei, an index over the German munitions industry The card contains among other things the codes that show the different kinds of munitions that Walther Sommerlath’s workshop was registrered to produce. The codes are to bee seen in the upper left corner and should be understood as follows:
23/120 70 219 = War vehicle (with or without armor), as well as parts of those; armoured vehicles of all kinds (armoured observation vehicles etc.), as well as parts of those.
23/112 70 112 = Other war vehicles, as well as parts of those: without engine.
26/036 70 271 = Fein mechanical commando equipment: commando equipment, commando assistance equipment and other equipment for fire result reporting, orientation equipment (non-electric), listening equipment, planning and measurement equipment for artillery, special equipment for aero navigation and speed measurement, observational equipment, altitude measurer etc.
51/300 70 281 = Gas masks and filters for them.
The general title is Air Force equipment.
Source: Bundesarchiv Berlin-Lichterfelde R3 Reichsministerium für Rüstung und Kriegsproduktion.

Letter from Sommerlaths firm >>
Letter from Sommerlaths firm, signed by the Engels och Bongertmann.
Source: Landesarchiv Berlin, A Rep. 342-02, Nr 21524.

Confirmation from the Industri- und Handelskammer >>
Confirmation from the Industri- und Handelskammer, that the registration of Efim Wechsler’s workshop under the business name of Walther Sommerlath is accepted. In the confirmation it is made clear that the purchase is part o the”Aryanisation” campaign.
Source: Landesarchiv Berlin, A Rep. 342-02, Nr 21524.

Letter from the non-Jewish trustee >>
Letter from the non-Jewish trustee to whom Efim Wechsler had to leave his property at the Belle Alliancestrasse (Mehringdamm). In the letter it is also made clear that the property had to change hands because the owner, Efim Wechsler, is a Jew. It is also stated that Wechsler has left Germany.
Source: Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv, Potsdam. Devisenstelle des Oberfinanzpräsidenten Berlin-Brandenburg, Rep 36A, Nr G 4024.