TV4 news channel´s team, one reporter and one photographer, were taken by uniformed men with whips at 1 pm this Monday afternoon, while they were on duty in the city of Sevastopol in Crimea.
- They were very threatening at the beginning and took our camera, Johan Fredriksson says to TV4 News channel on a bad telephone line.

-  They were discussing with the commander but then nothing happened and they took off. Now the commander will come here and check our camera gear. We are not allowed to touch our own camera and we are captured here, he says and explains that the situation was very intimidating at first.
- We are fine, but it is enoying that they are stopping us from doing our job, Fredriksson says just when one of the men tries to take his camera away from him.
- Now they took my camera and I don´t like that at all, Fredriksson says and argues to get his equipment back. Then the telephone line dies.

When TV4 reaches him again he says:
- They are stopping us from doing our job, I’m not afraid of my own safety but I think this is a horrible example of how lawless this country is. 

Where are you right now?
- We are outside, by a roadblock, and we are not allowed to leave. Someone from intelligence service are on his way right now, Fredriksson says rignt before the line breaks again.

By 4 pm, Monday afternoon, the team got released and they got back their equipment and passports.
- We got released after they had inspected what was on the camera. We are fine and relieved but angry that they stopped us from doing our job, he says.